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Originally Posted by Blakebird View Post
back in the '90's shops used to plug tires - with mushroom plugs and the tire off the wheel. I had more than my share of nails in <500 mile old tires - and I ran those plugged tires until they wore out. NEVER a problem, and that was in Las Vegas heat. Those kinds of plugs don't fail.

I've also plugged tires from the outside with gooey felt strips - and those I keep an eye on, but have also never had a failure and after keeping an eye on them for a few weeks, I trust them and ride until the tire is done.

All plugs depend on the size of the hole you're dealing with - if I run over a bolt and need a plug - new tire time.
For nails and screws and holes a few mm in diameter - I don't worry about damage to the tire carcass or having the plug fail (fall out).

Pretty much what I thought. Experience always trumps assumption, in my opinion.

Hondo, show me where someone's tire disintegrated after they plugged it, or show me something along those lines that you personally have experienced with motorcycles.

Otherwise, I am done with this silly argument. It was never meant to be an argument in the first place, mostly just a shout out to Mountain for helping me out with the fix.
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