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Originally Posted by dirtrulz View Post
Having the government offer the loans would be great if people were in the habit of paying them back, but it will never happen because a large share of students never pay the loans back. I dont want to have to pay more taxes so some person can squander the money in college getting drunk and high and then just walk away from the debt.

Banks are a business like any other business. Would you let someone use your money for free. If you dont have the money to buy what you want and want to use theirs you are going to have to pay for it.
Please post a link to where you saw that "a large share of students never pay the loans back". These loans can only be discharged by death. They can not be discharged by bankruptcy or any other method.

Also it should be noted that tuition has increased to keep pace with the availability of student loans. Kind of like the housing market. When I was a student in a private school.....many, many years ago. Tuition started at $600 per quarter. When I graduated 3 years later tuition was $2400 a quarter. There was not any major improvement in the buildings or curriculum to justify this increase.

Still paying my student loans.
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