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Originally Posted by pierce View Post
ok, charge/discharge test #3 on my $33 chinee XM-L T6 headlight...

take battery off charger, plug in lamp.

power on at 10:12pm ...
still green at 11:00 (+48 mins)
was blue at 11:05 (+53 mins)
still blue at 11:52 (+1:40)
BLINKED twice and turned RED at 11:54 (+1:42)
still red and full brightness at 12:43 (+2:31)
(switching off to get some sleep)

so this thing is good for at LEAST 2.5 hours on high. my seat of the pants guestimate says low is half as bright (and still damn bright) so maybe 5+ hours on low?

in the AM I'll switch it back on and see how much longer it runs til its noticeably fading or flashes again

edit: k, its morning, I turned it back on at 8:40am, without recharging. I left the lamp plugged into the battery, so the red 'low battery' indicator LED was on all night....

at 9:13am, it blinked twice, and now the red LED under the button is flashing. thats 3:04 total on time from when it was originally powered up.
A bunch of local guys have these and are really happy with them, and they are comparing them to halogens, HID's, and other LED's.

They are so happy we have stopped development of our own lighting products..... NO way we could compete. If the batteries crap out early, I will probably offer a battery replacement service. Other than that, China wins again.
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