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Originally Posted by 2stoned View Post
Would like to know:
1) Are the mounting frame for the GS1200 made from 18mmm tube? (No data on your pages).
2) Total width of pannier systems 35+35, 45+45, Special 35+35, Special 45+45.
3) On you Special Systems, how many liters lost to the cut-out, 7 liters?.
4) The lock mechanism; When opening one side, is the other side then still holding on the lid?
5) Any plans for silver or neutral anodizing?
6) Some pictures here show alu edges between the box halves, on your site they show plastic?
7) The lock cylinders seem to have very few tumblers. How many combinations on the locks?

Please consider covering or redesigning the sharp protruding corner edges on the top box hinges.
Very nice boxes indeed. Good work.
Hi !

1) The mounting frames for R1200GS/ADV is made of 18mm x 2mm stainless steel ( AISI 304 tube )

2) You can download a dimension guide under the link :

3) It is appox. 5 liters. For exact liter i will come back after CAD-Calculation.

4) Yes. The lock mechanism is dual acting. Is one side is opened, the other side acts as a hinge.

5) Not yet. But it depends on inquired quantity. At the moment is matt black anodising available.

6) The fotos on the web site are the old ones from the first generation. Photos in this thread ar actual. The edges in the photos here in the thread are stainless steel.

7) The lock cylinders have 200 different keying.

Hinges for topbox : we are on it. I'm currently designing the tooling for it. But it will take some time.

Very much thanks for questions and comments.

Best Regards

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