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Originally Posted by mud View Post
A bunch of local guys have these and are really happy with them, and they are comparing them to halogens, HID's, and other LED's.

They are so happy we have stopped development of our own lighting products..... NO way we could compete. If the batteries crap out early, I will probably offer a battery replacement service. Other than that, China wins again.
this one, the battery is 4 18650's shrunkwrap. I figure if they crap out, I hit up Battery Junction, and get 4 more chinee 18650s, and rebuild the pack. catch-22, those batteries cost nearly as much as the light

p.s. 9:42, and its STILL running, so thats 3.5 hours so far. I think I'll shut this down and give the batteries a break

so, when it goes to blue, you've got at least 2.5 hours left
when it flashes and goes to red, you've got at least 1:45 left
when it flashes again and the red starts blinking, you've got at least a half hour left on high. !!!
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