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Originally Posted by Olas View Post

Hondo, show me where someone's tire disintegrated after they plugged it, or show me something along those lines that you personally have experienced with motorcycles.

I have personally never had a motorcycle tire disintegrate after I plugged it because I don't ride plugged tires. It was my OPINION that it is not a good idea to ride a plugged street tire or consider it permanently repaired. I know for a FACT what unplugged, serviceable exploding tires can do as I have had that happen on cars and airplanes (turboprop & jets).

The big difference is that you don't have to balance an airplane or a car when the tire fails, you just coast to a stop (or continue the takeoff if "at speed").

Just because you think or assume that it is alright does not make it safe. It's your opinion and your ass if it fails, and I hope it doesn't.

Like I said, good luck with that.
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