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battery shows 13 - 14.2

2004 525

it was clanking a while ago if i held the starter on for awhile. then the last ride, i just get the whine, then it would engage, then whine again.
this happens when bike is cold or warm/hot, intermittent.

yes, i could forget about this problem and just kick start the bike. but i'm going to fix the problem. riding singletrack and being in situations where kicking the bike is not an option. and i love the E-start.

oh yeah, the last few oil changes i've had more metal slivers on the drain plug.

after talking with a buddy that owns an 05 450 EXC, he thinks it could be the starter itself or the gears it engages with.

sorry to sound like an idiot. i've always had Javier, my former mechanic work on my bike. now i'm doing all my own work with the help from friends that are more mechanically inclined.

later today, we're going to take the clutch cover off and look for broken gears and check the starter. a starter on eBay isn't gonna break the bank.

thanks for all your input.
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