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Originally Posted by roco22 View Post
Anyone tried this product yet?

Yes the pitchman needs to go, otherwise...

Any comments, good, bad, indifferent...
As much as I've spent a good part of the past 8 years reading this forum, I can't believe I never came across this post.

Anyhow I work for Whitehorse Gear Motorcycle Outfitters in New Hampshire. I've been testing gear here and helping customers since 2002. I've had the Strobewise on my V-Strom for over two full years. I wouldn't ride without it on any bike that has an electronic speedometer.

I don't know how anyone might think it's not that bright. It's mil-spec bright and there's something about it, not sure why, that keeps other road users off your ass. It's remarkable how effective it is. Maybe they think you're an authority bike or something.

I've been meaning to get some video up on this but there are some still images take in and around the Whitehorse Gear garage. You can see them here. This thing is BRIGHT.

No question this device is expensive. I think it's worth every dime. The hook up is simple, just three wires and mounting a light and velcro-padding a small processor box somewhere. If anyone wants to know more about it, reply here or PM me or call Whitehorse Gear 800.531.1133 if that's allowed in this forum. If not I apologize in advance!
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