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My ride out to Torrey ( A BMW Sport biannual event)September was one for the books.

Since most of yo from here weren't there, and since I can't seem to find the time to write up a proper long winded version, here is a short version:

I started in the early afternoon after working the night before. I figured on getting a good start from somewhere closer on Thursday and arriving Thursday afternoon.

So I found myself on the east side of the Sierras in Bridgeport as it was getting dark. I got a room, a bite to eat and collapsed into bed. One of the wonderful things about my schedule is being in a constant state of sleep deprivation. So I'd been up plenty long enough that I slept nice and late the next morning. So much for an early start.

So I left about 4 hours later than I had hoped...

As I was crossing the desert (trying to make up some time) I came across a familiar looking GS:

Paul (Old Fart)

This was in the afternoon, and I debated stopping for the night, but decided I'd press on. While pumping gas Paul passed by, so I decided I'd stop and say hello. He was getting a room (in Caliente, Nv.) and when I told him I was pressing on, he looked at me for a long pause, and said, "Very well, but be careful." I knew exactly what he was thinking, and it was tempting to get a room also, and have a nice relaxing dinner with Paul. However, I felt since I was so close, and WIDE awake, I decided to press on.

As it got dark and I was grabbing gas and food in Cedar City, I decided to ignore my GPS and take a longer way around, since I thought that would be the shortest exposure to deer country. Well, it was a plan anyway...

I stopped one last time In Richfield for gas and to put another layer on. It was getting chilly.

So on 24, just about 30 miles from Torrey, out came 3 deer, crossing from right to left. I didn't swerve, heck I'm not sure I could have anyway! I hit the deer square in the middle, twice in about .01 seconds, and then through my oil/blood covered visor realized, I was not only dragging it, but was getting pushed towards the right edge of the road. I actually gave it a little gas, and once the deer rolled under the bike and I came back down, the bike seemed perfectly controllable. (We paced it off, and I drug the deer about 180 feet) However, the ABS light was already flashing. I tried the brakes, and did a few, VERY gentle swerves, and decided in light of being in the middle of nowhere, to press on.

The next light was the water temp light. Press on.

The next light was the oil waring light. Press on.

Next the temp went to 0, and I knew I was out of water in the radiator, so I decided to stop on a hill, hoping my phone would work. I was also within walking distance of Koosharem by now. Overall, I went about 8 miles after striking the deer.

I will hold off posting pictures of the deer, as I think these are bad enough. (If you honestly feel the need to see more pics, the gallery can be found: Here .)

I could not have been any luckier! There are about a 1000 ways this did not work out with a happy ending!

So, hopefully this is a good reminder for folks to LISTEN to that little voice when it says stop! Tired/deer/dehydrated/etc. the results can be the same, and you can't always take another swing at getting it right!

As usual, folks from the BMWST board were amazing in both the rescue and awesome offers and suggestions of how to get me home! Special shout out to Eddddddddddd!

I was very happy with the way Progressive insurance treated me and I had a check in my hand in just a little over 2 weeks!

So without further ado, ADV folks meet Bambi...

Bambi, meet the board:

2011 Triumph Sprint GT

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