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Originally Posted by wsmc831 View Post

How was the 08 dash added? Sure hate the small one of my 10, though I have it covered up with a zumo 660.
Thanks for the feedback guys! As for the dash I haven't even seen it but will tomorrow! It has the stock one mounted but the light, mounting bracket and dash from the 08 with it; I'm hoping its nots a problem. Without question the 08 headlight is better. I do prefer the 08 dash as well WHEN it's working which on mine has never been for too long; actually it's probably the '12 but I don't even know if there is a difference.

Lightwise I've been running a FX-R, 50 watt Bi-Xenon projector which has the most brillant road legal pattern possibly anywhere. I haven't really plugged it because all though the light is 100X better than stock its cheap and not very rugged.
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