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Not quite 3hrs on primarily gravel roads just now. Ooof but my legs are tired. No hockey for me tonite!

So we were riding along about an hour in to the ride when my buddy sez 'you should have told me about these rides. I would have ridden my Epic...' so I kicked him in his shin. I'd been trying to get him to go on the gravel rides with myself and another buddy for MONTHS. He didn't want to ride his Tarmac 'cause he didn't want to potentially do anything to it and didn't want to ride his Epic 'cause he was afraid he wouldn't be able to keep up.

He's digging the gravel road riding. He didn't know how much he was missing till he got a cross bike and came out, but yet he refuses to think about cross racing. We've been trying to tell him how much fun it is... Ya think that if THIS is as much fun as we've been saying that maybe, just maybe racing cross is fun too?!

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