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Originally Posted by oPAULo View Post
On the highway sometimes it would fishtail between 55 and 60. Not all the time
but once it started I couldn't stop it. Kinda like a VERY slow headshake. It was
not at all scary but annoying.
I read on some one else built a swt and had to lengthen the tongue to stabilize their trailer at speed. Of course it's a street trailer but still here's what he said:

Getting my trailer to handle involved a fair bit of trial and error. I found that as a bare rolling chassis, it handled quite OK, but I think that was due to the fact that it was so light, the bike just dragged the chassis along regardless of where it wanted to go. When I installed the fibreglass "box" and loaded it with 35kg of ballast, the trailer would "tail wag" at about 100kmh (approx. 60mph). After upgrading to an L rated tyre and exchanging the standard (and very worn) Honda shock absorbers for new Ikon units, the problem was reduced, but not cured. I talked to a few trailer builders and began to wonder if the problem could be the drawbar length. Sure enough, after adding about 10" to the drawbar, the tail wagging problem disappeared. I have now towed it at over 180kmh (a little over 110mph) with a 40kg load and it tracks really well. While I'm not in the habit of travelling at 110mph, I felt that it was important to over-engineer and test at extreme speed if I was to have confidence that it wouldn't do anything unexpected at the most inappropriate time! The only time you really even notice that it's behind the bike now is when doing really slow turns, or quick changes of direction such as a winding mountain road. Even then, as long as you change direction smoothly, it leaves the other guys towing normal trailers for dead...
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