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Originally Posted by RAZR View Post

i have a new problem...

my starter whines and doesn't engage in the motor. sometimes it does. but it's engaging less and less. battery shows full charge. kick starting it starts on one kick.

a few months ago i cut the compression release cable because it was crimping/cutting into my wiring harness. i figured i don't use it, so i don't need it. (i'm dumb, i know)

after Googling the whining starter not engaging blah blah blah, some stories of compression is coming up.

before tearing into the motor to see if the starter clutch is gone, or if the teeth are bad, i want to get some feedback.

i am not a great home mechanic, my buddy is. but he owns a 2010 530 and doesn't know RFS motors. but he's willing to help.

what should i do first?

i have a huge ride coming up in 2 weeks, so i'm stressing.
I just read something just like this at ktmtalk. Apparently it's the freewheel. $71 at Munns. #13
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