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so, if you have the cheap ebay magicshine /clone/ lamp (NOT the 'real' magicshine), and you get the actionLED spreader lens, as action tells you, the lens on the clone lamp is thicker than the spreader lens. I hit up the hardware store and poked around at o-rings. I found a 1-9/16ths" OD 3/32" thick O-ring is the right outside diameter exactly, but its about 1/32nd too thick. I think the perfect o-ring to replace the one on the clone lamp would be 1-9/16ths OD and 1/16th thick, or 39mm OD and 1.5mm thick. o-rings are often sold by their ID, so that would be 1-7/16" or 36mm.

your mileage may vary. the spreader lens looks awesome in my livingroom, the beam is nice and wide now.
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