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Originally Posted by NCD View Post
You guys sell both a 2L and a 3L black fuel container.

Are those the TRUE quantities that they will safely hold?

i.e. I have bought 1L bottles before that only hold .8 cause they want you to leave room for expansion, etc.

Sorry we didn't respond quicker but Matt tested this with room temperature water and filled each container.
Here is the result:

In the Touratech-USA lunchroom/test lab I measured out exactly 2 Liters of room temperature tap water. The 2L fuel canister is labeled on the side "MAX 2L." 2 Liters filled it up to the base of the filler neck. This canister is made out of very thick plastic with little flex to it. It is pretty apparent that it can safely hold 2 liters, but no more.

Next I measured out exactly 3 liters of room temperature water and poured it into the Touratech 3 Liter fuel can. On this can there is a Max level embossed on the side. 3 liters of water filled it to this level. This would be the safe fill level of the canister. Just out of curiosity, I filled the can to the base of the filler neck, and it took an extra 500ml of water, making the total capacity 3.5 Liters, although we would never recommend anyone fill it to that level due to the expansion of fuel when warm.

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