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With the 2012 NMTA season wrapping up next month, I am very happy to say that my old bitsa-bike Reflex "Outright Junk" has secured the Twinshock championship. Not too bad for a bike that was built out of 3 piles of parts destined for the landfill.

To be honest, the only real competition we had all year long was Lineaway and his nifty 200 Cota. When he competed, that is. Lineaway skipped several Twinshock events to ride his Raga in Expert, or to mind his son who is doing very well, moving up through the ranks. Several times this year I was the only one in Twinshock so the championship points added up quickly. I really don't like having no one to compete against, but that's the way it shook out this year. Several club members have expressed interest in riding Twinshock next year, and I wish them well. I'm going back to my beloved 4RT, and giving OJ a well deserved break.

For those who came in late, OJ has been modified yet it remains frightfully stock. It's not a...bad... Trialer, but it certainly is not as nice as genuine same-era Trials bike. I competed on it because it's what I had. The breakdown is as follows -

The Good

B&J racing's awesome skidplate. It is the most expensive single part on the whole bike, and totally worth every cent. I am certain that the bike would have folded in half long ago without it.

The footpeg and mount modifications. Widened the pegs using a cut-in-half Beta peg, and welded tabs onto the frame to drop the peg mounts approximately 1 1/4 inch. Much better control -

Subframe -to-main-spar frame bracing. Helped get rid of that "loosey-goosey" feeling in the rough stuff, and made the bike feel much more stable on hard landings -

Advancing the cam timing 6 degrees using a $12 (delivered!) adjustable cam sprocket from Parts Unlimited. Single biggest torque-increasing mod, very inexpensive, easy to install.

Carb mods, airbox restrictor removal, XR100R K&N air filter (fits right in the Reflex airbox). Good, crisp power, no flameouts.

Silly bar risers. They work for my height and poor ability -

9/50 gearing. These things have a somewhat speedy primary gear ratio so I dropped the final drive ratio quite a bit. If I want more speed or "hit" I upshift. Simple as that.

The Bad

The engine is beginning to show it's age. OJ is starting to smoke pretty good when cold, and the camchain is so stretched out that there is no more adjustment left. The camchain clattering is now very loud. The cam sprocket mod, while cool, somewhat increased the cranking pressure to the point that an XR-style bar mounted compression release would be a very good idea to take some stress off of the somewhat tender kickstarter gear assembly. I'm not a big fan of the kickstarter-mounted decompressor, and the cable broke anyway.

The frame had been developing stress cracks before the frame bracing. I merely stop-drilled 'em earlier in the year. Since I've no idea of the history of the frame before I got it, they may very well have started long ago. No matter, it's time to grid and weld.

The head and base gaskets are now leaking quite a bit, as well as the left engine cover gasket.

Both stock chrome steel rims are now bent.

OJ still does not steer nor stop worth a damn.

The Ugly

That would be the whole bike. The fuel tank is still the same dented, rusted tank that was the best of the 2 I had started with (the other tank took the brunt of the frame breaking and folding in half on the bike it was attached to), the frame has Mopar Hemi Orange paint on the parts I modified (does not match the orange that Honda used), it never had side covers, and the latest duct tape seat cover is already looking hideous. No matter, OJ (shown here in Roswell last month) is a championship winner!

The Future

So what's next for ol' OJ? Not sure, to be quite honest. If it were up to Gordy and NMTrailboss, a viking funeral would be in order, but it's not theirs so screw 'em. Part of me thinks that fixing the major problems while leaving the patina would be neat, while the other, bigger part of me thinks that hootching up the old wreck would be cool. I envision an Eddie Lejeune-style Rothmans replica, white frame, gold anodized alloy wheels, along with one of those fiberglass seat and tank covers (using an aluminum fuel tank under the cover) from the UK, along with a nice throaty aftermarket exhaust. Just not sure. What do you think?
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