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Originally Posted by Uller View Post
I was watching the Global Rally Cross race the other day. It was in Las Vegas at the same time the SEMA show was going on.

They had an interview with Danica (she was there for sponsors) and asked her if she ever saw herself ever racing one of the Rally Cross Cars. Her response was something along the lines of, "Probably not, I don't really like to drive sideways." Now, I am paraphrasing but, her statement really caught me and made me think that that right there is her problem with racing Nascar and why she won't ever be really good. She isn't ever comfortable with a loose car and having it slide out on her.

All of the best Nascar drivers have come from dirt; where you are almost always driving sideways and if your not always doing it, you're definitely comfortable doing it on a regular basis.

Look at Brad and Jimmy's last couple laps at Texas. The back ends of both of their cars were starting to step out on each one of those turns.....
Good point. Kimi Raikkonen, the F1 former champion, ran 2 races in truck and wanted out of that vehicle in the worst way. He couldn't handle how loose a "good" set-up is.

Kimi ran a bunch of world rally car races, never got much of a result there. He won one race, I believe. It was all asphalt, no dirt.

Sunday, he won the F1 race in Bahrain.

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