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So I didn't want to let everyone down so I iced, elevated and compressed my right foot ankle and knee yesterday and today. At about 1 pm I bandaged my knee and ankle, took some advill and headed back up to viscaieno to hit the new 80 mile section. Previous years they just run the highway down to san ignacio, but this year it's something new.

The beginning 40 miles were pretty rad. Some silt zones that the 990 just tractored through, and then a stretch of deep sand that once at speed you're just flying and holding on. For about 15 minutes at 8K rpm in 4th through rolling silty sand.
After that the silt got a little heavier and I hit a deep deep rut. The edge of the rut caught the tip of my left boot ( my GOOD foot ) and ripped it side ways. I heard a pretty loud crack and I'm pretty sure something is busted in there. I trucked out the last 40 miles though gnarly rocks. As I rode some of the rocky climbs of loose boulders and shelves and I kept thinking there is NO FUCKIN way a smaller 2 wheel buggy can get up this stuff. Kicker is that almost everyone would be doing this section at night.

I finally got out at the check stop at san ignacio to a bunch of other truck and bike racers. They proceeded to tell me that there were some accidents on that stretch the day before and due to how bad it's getting they are planning of taking it out of the race all together. CRAP! Apparently the day before someone rolled their bug and another TT hit 2 donkeys going pinned off a jump. Easily this is the gnarliest 80 miles on the whole course.

So I'm officially out :(
I've come to race the baja 1000 twice and the tally so far is Radek 1, Baja 1.
I'm going to drive back to ensenada or somewhere that i can get an xray. I've ridden the 990 up an down this basic course and never had an incident so I feel a little let down that I had issues this time around. I guess that's part of the adventure.
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