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" I tried to go slower on the interstate but thought I was going to be smashed by semi trucks."

Most of us who have KLR's have probably thought the same

I started with a KLR
then could afford a used BMW GS
Then owed a KTM 950 ( which is AWSOME)
And now have a KLR

And I have had similar thoughts... but when it comes to the KLR and the freeway (and in general) some of your ego focused standards and expectations must be sacrificed for one of the most dependable, easy to service and repair, not so large/heavy as to break your back, economical, go where ever the FUCK you want day or night, winter or summer, solo or two up, with your buddies or not, Moto that takes you many places over the many miles, meeting the many folks, having the many memorable moments on and off road motorbike that human beings (thus far) have built....
No it's not love, just an appreciation
Though I wish it was a v twinn, not a single
And had over 100 hp with no weight increase
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