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the spreader lens looks awesome in my livingroom, the beam is nice and wide now.
so I took it outside on the low setting instead of high. it just rained, and its nice and dark in my back yard, stars were coming out behind the storm clouds.

on low with the spreader lens, this thing is awesome. it lit the whole couple acre field standing in a corner of it, and the trees beyond. the spread beam is at least 30 degrees wide, maybe more like 45, and the bright area is quite narrow top to bottom. the spill circle around the bright area is actually as bright as most of my other lights spots. I think even on low, you would either want to aim this thing way down, or have a not-so-bright 2nd lamp or blinkies for riding in urban traffic. but, out on a dark road or trail, its freekin awesome.

frankly, I wish it had an even dimmer mode, and maybe a fast strobe, the blink mode it has is full brightness ON OFF ON OFF about twice/second.

its been on low for 1/2 hour now and its just warm. on high, it was almost too hot to touch. I bet I get 5-6 hours at least on low. serious commuters, travelers light.

2:15 on low and its still green. and still just warm, not hot.

ah, at 2:39, its finally turned blue some time in the last few minutes (it was still green 5 minutes ago)
and coming up on 4 hours, its STILL blue.

at 4:48 it blinked and went red. its midnigth (I started this at 7pm), not sure I wanna wait around fo rhte 2nd round of blink when the red starts to blink, thats probably ANOTHER 4 hours. hahahahahahaha.
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