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While Jock and Zac were working on their bikes, I went across the street to the bakery and had a GREAT brecky. This photo just reminded me, when I first got to Oz I thought it strange that when ever you were seated at a table to eat the only tools provided were a knife and fork. In the USA we are used to eating with a knife, fork and spoon. The other thing that at first struck me as odd was that in Oz the fork is held in the left hand to not only cut what is being eaten but also to eat the food that was cut; in the USA we hold the fork in the left hand whilst cutting the food but then put the knife down and using the right hand to hold the fork then eat the food. It wasn't long before I got pretty good at eating the Aussie way and have continued to do so now that I am back home. Its little things like this that make travel to different places so neat for me.
Dave, you didn't need to go to Oz experience the knife and fork bit, just travel a few miles North into Canada!!

Great report, as usual! Some of those roads and definitely the dust, remind me of the Trans Lab. Thankfully I didn't have the stock airbox installed.
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