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Originally Posted by jonyfi View Post
" I tried to go slower on the interstate but thought I was going to be smashed by semi trucks."

I'm riding a 2012 KLR with HT bags and a GIVI top box, plus I certainly need to go on a diet. That's my way of saying that my bike is pushing a pretty good size load.

During Group rides I've found myself going down the interstate at 85mph, but when by myself I feel much more comfortable doing an indicated 70 mph.Why do I feel more comfortable riding an indicated 70?

The engine is turning approx. 4800 rpm and feels relaxed.

The Bike sits high off the ground, and tends to feel more stable, and doesn't react to the wind as much at that speed.

I don't need to worry about getting a speeding ticket (My bike is Red).

I ride in the number 2, lane and leave the number one lane open so the guys in the pickups and BMW's can race each other. The Semi- trucks are generally in the number three lane.

Almost every fill up works out to an average of 48 Mpg (regular).

I used to do a lot of long distance riding (Iron Butt, etc.) which taught me that your top speed isn't as important as the amount of time you spend off the bike getting gas and eating. If you ride at a speed that traffic allows you to maintain, and stay relaxed, you arrive at the destination sooner.

It's always a good idea to move to the right and let the professional drivers of the semi trucks pass you.
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