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Originally Posted by Apocalypso View Post
Lurked awhile, now leaping.

Never had a KLR650 before. 2006 with an aftermarket seat and exhaust, heated grips, great deal, quite pleased and using it regularly. Know both POs, tracking down jet and doohickey data. I'm 6'1", 200#, and my fiancee likes two up on it.

Can the sages here tell me:
What size fasteners should I carry to replace those most commonly lost to vibration? Mine loses weight with every ride. Locktite. Have only lost a muffler/header bolt so far. Must be lucky...(knock on wood)
Dry, dusty climate, hot and cold. What do you use for chain lube, and how often? Whatever is handy. Waxy stuff and some that's not. Clean and lube when it looks like it needs it. Or sometime after that.
For those KLR owners who wind up with a second complementary bike in the stable, what is yours? KLX250 (now 351) because I'm more for dirt and less for the flat slabby stuff.
Tire faves? Kenda 80/20 street/dirt on now, seem fine. Tire pressures? no comment
Gas: Cheap 85/86 octane OK at 7000 ASL? Runs fine with it. MPG and conditions? whatever low-test is pouring, and non-ethanol whenever possible because I can still get it around here. 55 mpg fairly regular for this one, drops to 50 when flogging it on the trails.
Soft tank and rear pannier types, sources, MacGyver methods? I use a wolfman tank bag and a Giant Loop Coyote because I can move them from bike to bike with east.

Thank you all in advance.
Welcome to the 2006
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