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'That's not a knife'

I had some excitement at one point walking down the street in the late afternoon, after dropping off some friends at their house I checked my iphone for directions to the market. As I was looking down a man walked up to me with a red hoddy, pointing something at me and demanding my phone. I refused. He seemed a little nervous and at the end of the street I could see one of the major squares full of people. I looked again at his hand. He was holding a screwdriver. I grab it, strangely enough to check it was not a knife, and pushed it away from me. I knew that he would not kill me, and I needed that phone. I was not going to let it go without a fight. Thankfully people rounded the corner and he walked away, my phone still in my hand.

I joke now with friends that he might have come off worse minus a screwdriver! But sadly for my story I did not gain a trophy, nor have a screwdriver to hand to the police to say find this man!

Thankfully once again the universe was giving me a lesson with limited consequences. This was a good reminder to lift my guard, be more aware of my surroundings, and try harder to not show off my privilege so much wherever I was.

I did hear genuine surprise from locals later of the nerve of the man for trying to steal the phone. They stated their was zero tolerance in Oaxaca for that type of behaviour and the police were known to shot a man in the back if he was caught red handed. I am also thankful that the event went the way that it did, without either of us being harmed, even though I was a little shaken.
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