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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey View Post
Alright, just who the hell are you and what have you done with Anorak!

It is definitely the kind of car that Anorak would buy...just not new...not now.

Anorak is supposed to buy it from an old lady, in fifteen years, after the technology has moved on to something else. He would buy it, take it apart just to see how it all worked, post pictures of it's innards here for all of us to see, then sell it once he got bored with all the theoretical HP, kWH and range calculations.

The real Anorak would locate a rogue EV1 that GM didn't crush, then defiantly parade it around town with some newfangled battery design.

The REAL Anorak would never buy a new car, much less an American one...with a WARRANTY. The end must be near.
I did put it on a lift and look at the stuff on the bottom which doesn't look like much. I haven't taken off any of the plastic covers over the engine and inverter thing with the big orange wires. I am curious if anyone has done any hacking of the electronics. There is a section in the "infotainment" menu that allows someone to update the "infotainment" software through the USB port. I would expect that customized menus and functions are possible.

I've had the same reaction from people I know as when I bought the V70XC Volvo. They are confused, it's not what they thought I would be interested in.

And, of the 15 or so cars the real Anorak has owned, three have been foreign and until the Volt only one had a V-8. None have been Fords because a flathead Mercury isn't a Ford nor is a suicide door Lincoln Continental which are aside from the three foreign cars the only non GM cars Anorak has owned. Okay, I just remembered a Ford Fairmont six banger with no rear floor I had that was a demolition derby car and a Dodge Dart that I owned for a day before I traded it for a built TH400 for my 442.
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