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Warm-N-Safe Heat-troller

Originally Posted by ktm950se View Post
HotGrips with Warm-N-Safe controller is the only way to go.

Yup, Warm-N-Safe Heat-troller was the way to go for me.
KTM Hard parts switch was replaced with the Heat-troller installed to the right of the speedo (red arrow).

The Heat-troller wires are way too long for the 990 install and crowd the rear dash area so I shortened them a bunch. Lots of small wires = lots of soldering!

Also, that infernal blinking red LED was buried behind the dash where it couldn't be seen. Why anyone would put a blinking red LED on anything that didn't indicate and emergency is beyond me.

The controller wouldn't fit to the left of the speedo so I have to reach across to adjust the heat but it's not bad.

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