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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
I figured I'd start a thread about it to see if some other Volt owners had anything to add. I'm curious about driving efficiently. Is it more efficient to use the gas engine for highway trips and the battery for in town and stop and go if the distance is going to exceed the normal electric range?

I like the way it drives. It has a more precise feel than a Prius. I used to have a Corvette and Corvette drivers always wave at each other. I'm not sure if Volt drivers should.

Should I give the finger to Leaf drivers because the Leaf is so impotent looking. It has an air cooled battery, you know. Not liquid cooled like real cars.

Also, I was thinking about an accessory light that comes on to show people that you're in electric mode to make them envious.

Personally, I think you should wear a green bandanna and start a gang of Volt Pirates. You can shake your fist as you pass other hybrids. You can hang out at Starbucks and talk about resistance. Which we know is futile.
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