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All this talk of a new Super Duke coming to America is moot. KTM learned their lesson when they couldn't sell the last edition here in the states. People here do not buy naked bikes. Couple that with a bad economy, the remaining warehouse stock sold at a discount off the $14398 MSRP.

Fortunately, the people who bought them are of a particular sort who understands the specialty of the bike. Most used ones are in very nice condition with relatively low miles. The higher mileage ones should be of no consequence as owners of those bikes have reported few problems other than normal maintenance. The fuel tank problem that was reported seemed to be isolated to only a few bikes with KTM NA handling the situation and continuing to do so to date.

The LC8 motor is a beautiful piece of engineering that finds it's way into various configurations of the breed. Anyone who has experienced this V-Twin can attest to it's torquey attributes. The sound is intoxicating.
In the mean time those who own the 2007 and 2008 SD and SD-R models seem to hang onto them knowing there is nothing else like it. At least in this country there isn't.
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