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Interesting points.

Although I don't know if it is a language barrier, mistake, or if you are not aware.. The fluid in the hydraulic clutch system is mineral oil. If this is a misconception on your part, I'm sure you must realize the difference in lubricity between mineral oil, and hydraulic fluid in that environment..

I find your theory about the way such a leak would end up in the engine case interesting, and worhty of consideration.

I did fail to mention that I was having clutch engagement/ disengagement issues over a period of months before my failure happened. Flushing the system of old fluid, and bleeding it "seemed" to cure the problem (had to do 2 or 3 times in those 5 or so months preceeding the failure).

My theory could certainly be flawed, it wouldn't be the first time.
No doubt about it, mineral oil won't be a very good lubricant compared to the recommended Motorex, but for a significant drop in overall lubricity, I think you would need to have more mineral oil go in than seepage amounts. My clutch has mostly been fine though i must admit, recently, on a few occasions it didn't go straight into neutral as it always has...might be a sign. Will dismantle my slave, see what I find and report back.

Did you ever manage to lay your hands on another engine to replace your damaged one?
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