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Originally Posted by Reshad View Post
No doubt about it, mineral oil won't be a very good lubricant compared to the recommended Motorex, but for a significant drop in overall lubricity, I think you would need to have more mineral oil go in than seepage amounts. My clutch has mostly been fine though i must admit, recently, on a few occasions it didn't go straight into neutral as it always has...might be a sign. Will dismantle my slave, see what I find and report back.

Did you ever manage to lay your hands on another engine to replace your damaged one?
As of yet I have not repaired mine... I did however go out and get a new 2012 690E. I have not decided if I will bother repairing the 08, or just use it for parts etc...

Speaking of which, I have a number of NTO, and used parts taking up space in the garage. I doubt that I'll sell any of the NTO stuff at this point, but I have an 08 stock muffler, the tailrack with the horseshoe thingy on it, an 08 stock seat (with damaged seat pan), and some other stuff.

If somebody needs something, feel free to pm me.
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