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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
I've been waiting for somebody to finally do this Peter, and you are the right man for the job. Unlike me you've got the skills and balls to make up parts as needed, so this should be good!

How about a KTM 690 subframe tank? You are never going to be able to build anything as light, with the same capacity and as crash proof with steel and aluminum.

If you build the attachments to the main frame strong enough and replace the tank bolts, it will have plenty of luggage carrying capacity as well. Just don't go nuts with heavy hard panniers, but you probably wouldn't do that on a more dirt oriented bike anyway.
I knew this would catch your eye Lukas!!

I am all for exploring subframe options. On the last two bike I built I made my own subframes. The CBR was planned as a fuel tank. It works fine, but as with all projects, there are things you would do differently. The problem with the CBR tank is two fold. First, since it's the sole tank, 2.25 gals ain't cutting it. It's fine for a play bike but obviously not enough for what I want. the other problem is that the seat sucks and it's designed for a YZF450 seat. I should have made the tank bigger to accomodate a larger seat.

The other issue, and this is more general, is the time it takes to fabricate an entire tail section and engineer lights, blinkers etc is VERY time consuming and it will never look as good as factory. I pledge this bike will look much more factory and I plan to do that using as many factory components as I can.

the 690 subframe is a great idea, have any pictures of one I've never seen one? My Husqvarna TXC 511 also runs a subframe plastic tank and holds 2.5 gals. The chances of me scoring a used one are slim, but I would be able to use mine to mock up the project. I think the KTM would be better as it is most likely accommodating the shock clearance as well. If I could score a cool subframe I would jump on it just so that I can at least attempt to utilize the factory lighting etc. I can't tell you how much time I spend on fabricating some stupid little doodad that still looks like crap because I hacked it together with a jigsaw. My time is much better spent working on the front end, swingarm etc. I also might decide it's simply not work it and use a side tank like CJ racer has for the 950. That would be fairly easy to make, could get another couple gals and it would offset with the exhaust which I will probably have similar to the CBR. The FZ1 exhaust is fine because of the hardbags but you lose a lot of valuable real estate going under the seat.

So anyone else with great ideas, throw them out there. If you have pics of something cool, throw them out there too. I will try and keep the build as documented as possible with as much input as possible from forum members.
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