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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
Going home yesterday. Sitting behind one car in the only straight lane at a light. Black Malibu with dark windows and stupid chrome wheels and dumb gold pinstriping all over it sitting in the left turn lane to the left of the one car in front of me.

Light changes green, including the left turn arrow for Malibidiot. Malibidiot decides he needs to go straight too, and proceeds to cut me off in the middle of the intersection to wedge his way between me and the car I was behind. Fuck you. Whatever...shit happens. I shake my head and continue on. Now we are on this single lane street with a wide bicycle lane on the shoulder. Malibidiot starts to brake, the left turn signal comes, and the car in front of him is turning right. There is oncoming traffic in the other direction. The car in front completes its right turn, and me seeing the oncoming traffic I know that Mailibidiot is going to need to stop before turning left and will be blocking the lane, so I proceed to pass on the right in the bicycle lane (sort of a common thing around here on these single lane streets).

As I'm passing, I realize that for whatever reason, Malibidiot has, once again, decided to NOT turn left and now I'm passing a car on the shoulder that is going straight. :facepalm. Fortunately, the idiot didn't try to run me into the curb or anything, but I HATE indecisive, confused drivers who indicate one thing and do another. Get with the fucking program!
Used to see that in Kentucky all the time outside of the cities. The second guy in line would signal so you knew what the guy in front was doing even though they weren't turning. I got hung out to dry a couple of times before learning not to believe that both the guys in front of me were turning right.

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