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What's the Most Important Things to Know For a Motorcycling n00b?

Easy answer - everything.

Best answers
1. Your bike goes where your nose is pointing.
2. The throttle controls the bikes stability far more than it controls the speed.
3. They are handlebar rests not handlebar grips. That hinge in the middle of the bike is there for a reason.
4. Isaac Newton is in charge, all you are doing is trying to confuse him.
5. The limits of control are dependent on the particular rider/bike/environment combination, so what's worked for one person might not work for you.
6. Only practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice the right thing.
7. There are mainly five situations that will kill you, one of them is beer.
8. Experts quickly become learners when the situation changes to one they have not seen before.
9. If you can't smile while you are doing a feet-up U turn, don't bother riding on the road.
10 The amount of codswallop spoken about motorbikes outweighs the facts by 100 to 1.
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