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Originally Posted by Hewby View Post
And yes the bike....I am trying to stay positive... but it did a crazy flicking of the rev meter again since leaving Oaxaca, without the associated engine noises. A friend suggested a pice of paper firmly taped over it should do the trick!
That's funny about colored contacts! The more Spanish you learn the easier you can verbally castrate unwanted pursuers.

I would not worry about the tach needle swinging wildly at all. As long as the engine is running OK, fuel MPG is OK and is not losing coolant or using or leaking oil ... well, then you are GOLDEN!

Take care of your chain and sprockets. If you need help, let us know. Don't let your sprockets get too far worn, it destroys chain prematurely. A high quality X ring chain is only way to go. Cheap chain and sprockets will BITE YOU sooner than you'd imagine.

Good luck! Love the Mole'.
!que le via muy bien!
!Adios, pues!
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