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I disagree with CDWISE regarding low speed handling. I have a Burgman 650 and the center of gravity IS lower than a Vespa GT/GTS. Low speed handling is fantastic, and in some situations better than my Vespa.

If by low speed handling you mean moving it around in the garage, then yes, the Vespa is easier to push around. But if we're talking about low speed riding, the short wheelbase and smaller tires of the Vespa make it a *little* less steady at low speeds on it's own. The Burgman just seems to want to stay upright.

Having said that, I ALWAYS ride the Vespa on short hops and intermediate distances, because it's just plain more fun. The Vespa also does just fine for longer touring rides.

CD, I see you post this same thing about the Burgman often, and it surprises me. You are a real rider, and you have a wide experience with many types of scooters, but your description of the Burgman just doesn't make sense to me. I wonder...were you riding a 400 or a 650? Because the spring vs. unsprung weight makes a difference in handling. Anyone who has ridden a newer 650 will feel the balance and great low speed handling of the machine.

I can totally understand if the ergos didn't suit you, because that changes in function of an indidual's body type and riding position preference.

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