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I've had a 07 and an 09 and now own the 2012 .. I can tell you that the difference between older gen. and this one is huge .. My 07 was set up for top speed @ Maxton but the engine was bone stock .. It did have a full 4 into 1 Brocks exhaust, PC III, and was dyno mapped for the VP MR9 oxygenated low octane fuel ..
My new 12 model is far superior and I'm surprised that more excitement has not been generated by it's performance .. "Seat of the pants " tells all and this is the first bike I've had that fulfills my level of satisfaction for "G's" and acceleration adrenilin .. I have dual Muzzy"s (carbon-fibre) and the sound is exquisite . Traction control is the reason this bike can be offered to John Q. Public .. It takes several pushes of the button to bypass the default traction control on startup , therefore rendering the bypasser full responsibility for whats to come .
Not only is the acceleration and torque off the bottom unbelievable .. but the civility and smoothness makes it a great sport tourer ..
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