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[QUOTE=XL-erate;20009218]I appreciate the link but in my opinion their specs are extremely light for wire gauge in some examples. I'd never run a 30 amp circuit through an 18 ga conductor, much less 50 amps through 16 ga as suggested there!

I never run anything less than 14 ga anywhere in vehicle/bike wiring. Also vehicle specific wire is different than residential or commercial/industrial wire, being more strands of finer gauge conductors.

I think you are so right and quality of wire is also a real issue as its hard to find it retail, I hang out in a welding shop all winter with a guy who repairs welders and is an excellent electronics tech. The reason long battery cables end up 4 awg are wholesale welding supplies are only ones with decent affordable cable.Motorcycle harnesses are much better than they where a decade ago helps allot also, I'm a Ducatisti in another life I never expect to see 12v to the headlight circuit that's 4 yrs old ?
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