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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
WIth respect to the triples, if you have a set off a motard that uses the 48mm wp's, that's what I would start with. They are much wider than the dirt version. The 48's will restrict the steering significantly. Another option is to use triples with more offset but then that changes a bunch of other things as well.
Not sure what you mean, all my WP triples are the same width even the RFS version I have on the FZ1 which is holding 950 forks and wheel.

I have the regular offset triples I think. I also have a set of 22mm offset Emig triples that have a damper mount etc on the CBR. It might make sense to use those on this bike. Either way I must have 6 sets of WP triples to pick from. My steering on the CBR is restricted by the stupid radiator hitting the forks which I plan to change out anyways.

If the triples were different widths then you wouldn't be able to change around wheels, and I like to be able to swap those around. Although now that I think about it the SMR forks with a radial lug brake runs a 310mm rotor and the dirt wheel has a 320mm rotor. I can run the 310 sumo wheels on the dirt forks but not the other way around unless I spaced out the caliper 5mm and got a 320 rotor for the sumo. I guess if I build this bike I won't be swapping wheels around very often anyhow.
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