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Originally Posted by perterra View Post
Whats your general im pression of the car, quality and concept?

I got to look for something else in the next couple of years. If I could cut my fuel it would be like a pay raise.
The interior is nice. Some people have criticized the use of less luxurious plastics for portions of the dash and other areas versus that softer rubberized stuff. It doesn't bother me. The body panel fit isn't as good as I'd expect. One of the doors needs adjustment to line up and there's a dust particle in the clear coat on the roof.

In a couple years you'll probably have a lot more options, the prices will be better and electric range greater.

Sitting in traffic isn't quite as bad when you know you're not burning gas. It uses about 500 watts stopped in traffic. Two hours of that seem to cost about $.15, one Kilowatt hour. I drove into work, about 13 miles and topped off the battery in about three hours.
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