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54 Tennessee State Parks Ride Collaborative-Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

Well, I got the sense that nobody else wanted to go to this one AND I had hopes of finding my favorite Cajun Chef green sauce at the farmers market across the street.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall

The co-incidence of good weather and underemployment is a fascinating and wonderful thing. That is the reason and I really was searching for a seasoning.

The Mall Park looks much nicer than I remember. The trees are grown, everything is complete; nice. This is, of course, an urban park, bounded on the south by downtown Nashville and on the north by "North" Nashville. Well, the location is what it is. The fact is people in the park will likely be multicultural and occasionally there may be some scruffiness. If you can tolerate that, the the park is fine.

Principally, the park is about the history of Tennessee. I am sort of interested in that kind of thing, but, today, I was content to enjoy the sunny afternoon.

The noble State Capitol Building. A grand pre-civil war structure.

Here's some fun: walking under a train.

A bit of the large in ground map of the state.

Nice little amphitheater:

A large open area in the middle.

The floating granite globe. I'm pretty sure the girls on the right are Amish.

I'm not sure what these signify. Not particularly in a historic mood today.

Capitol/downtown view from the north end of the mall.

Also not sure what this is all about.

History looking south:

And history looking north:

And, of course, a guy has to take a pic of his bike.

All in all a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Unfortunately, no Cajun Chef. Internet search to commence.

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