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I have the Triumph nerf bars around the engine and recently dumped mine in the driveway mounting up and catching my boot on the pannier. There was not a scratch on the engine or tank, a tiny scuff on the bar handguard and the other contact point was my pannier. I had just put on some protective pucks on the front axle ends, and they got a slight scuffing do they certainly protect the ends of the forks.

I also put on a set of neoprene fork seal protectors. Very cheap insurance that might prevent a tour ending malfunction.

I replace the plastic skid plate with a triumph branded item, it looks as good and as sturdy as any other ones I've seen.

I have installed the Triumph centerstand, the new model with improved spring. It was a real booger to install untill I figured out I had to take out the evaporative charcoal canister from beneath the engine first. Piece of cake after that, it works just fine.

I have theTriumph heated grips. I bought the bike used and they were already on it. I'd never considered heated grips on a previous bike I've owned, but they are really nice to have. I'd put them on my essential item list for any future touring bikes I get.

Some more cheap insurance is a couple of protective spools for the swingarm to protect it if you go down. The mounts are already in the swingarm, and they do double duty to lift the bike with a rear paddock stand if you don't have a centerstand.

I don't care at all for the Triumph branded panniers or top trunk. I think the aftermarket has much better options and there a good thread going on in here about those options for the 800XC.

The Triumph gel seat is a big improvement in comfort too, though the stocker is not bad at all compared to a lot of other bikes.

If you're over 5'8 or so, you'll find a set of bar risers more comfortable, especially for riding on the pegs standing in the dirt. I have the ROX solid, not the anti vibes. Vibes are so minimal on the bike that hand or finger tingling is a non issue.

The front fender extension is a cheap and useful item that will keep mud out of the radiator and get a lot less of it on the pipes.

One last thing, mine came with the factory high adjustable windscreen on it. It had a lot of helmet buffeting and noise in any position I tried it in. I installed a MadStad Engineering shield and it is by far the best windscreen I've had on any bike. I liked it so much I put that ugly sucker on my Harley Road Glide too. It is eerily quiet and still behind that screen, I can ride shield up on the freeway at 70-80 with no problems at all.

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