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Lessons from Dakar

Hey I just wanted to post up that Ned did a great column in the latest American Motorcyclist magazine called LESSONS FROM DAKAR.

It is quite philosophical, and in many ways more about life than motorcycle racing. The first lesson he learned was about expanding his horizons; "realizing that I could do anything if I was willing to work and sacrifice".

I found his last lesson most telling:

"The last lesson of Dakar was maybe the hardest. When it was over- after finishing a dream that had been building for years and totally consuming for months- I felt adrift, like I had run my train off the end of the tracks. I was expecting an ecstatic feeling of satisfaction. Instead, I felt let down.

The lesson wasn't clear for awhile, but now I understand that it's one I've learned over and over again: The goal is the journey, not the destination. The point of the race isn't the finish line, but it's all the fun (and lessons learned) along the way."

You'll have to join AMA to read the full list of lessons he learned, but they were very impressive to me... Not unlike the progress of the Neduro Dakar saga as it played out from the beginning of this thread. Awesome stuff.

PS: Is it just me or is the content being published in American Motorcyclist improving significantly? I find myself reading every issue nearly cover to cover.
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