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...That's what my mother said to me when I announced I was going to buy a motorbike. I was 18 and had worked all summer vacation to save up to buy my first bike - a second-hand RD250.

I'm now 52 ..and despite my best efforts, still here ... and riding.

Of course, she is right - we all will. But it's not how long you last that counts, but how much 'living' you manage to cram into life before the inevitable.

That's why I love this forum and these threads of pics - folk cramming in bucketloads of 'living' into life ...out having adventures on their bikes.

I have lurked here for over two years .. and thoroughly enjoyed viewing your fun. I thought it was about time I gave something back and contributed .... so here is my modest contribution ... no great adventures in far-flung lands I'm afraid ... but several year's worth of Sunday rideouts here in Scotland with some great folk.

Firstly three things that give a lot of pleasure

My camera
My Bike
Sarah (my partner with her GSXR750)

Most Sundays I get to play out with all three (so to speak!)

Good times!
That is exactly what my mother said to me when I got my first streetbike at age 16, a used Suzuki GT380. though I had been riding dirt bikes from age 8, and that didn't really seem to bother her, when I started riding on the street, she had already written me off, and it took over 2 years for her to realize that maybe I wasn't going to get killed after all. I am now 53 years old, have ridden over 500,000 miles on 41 different bikes, and have not yet had a single accident. (not counting all the times I got banged up racing MX as a teenager)
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