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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I'm a combat veteran. I think the whole PGR thing is an embarrassment. If people want to honor returning vets there are better ways than motorcyclists parading in their garb.

There is no connection between motorcycles and serving one's country as a combatant. To attempt one through a public display is insulting.

At least it is to me...
Well, ain't you just a special kind of cupcake. Join the club and get at the end of the line.

PGR started to protect fallen service members' family from harassment. Bikers from all backgrounds, clubs, organizations, and places banded together to pull that off. Where were you?
They broadened the role in some cases to greet and escort service members returning home from combat. They were there, usually no one else was until they figured out what the motercycle parade was and took notice, otherwise there would have been little to none. What did you do?
We have escorted unit busses from airports to armories for retuning NG units as well, Didn't see you there either.

Unfortunately PGR is an organization the seems to have outgrown itself in some ways. Since they don't take direct control of their "missions", there are some that don't exasctly fill the bill to represent the organization. Other places there are really good folks who have organized themselves to a point and they have better attitudes than some rides. They are also more organized rides with better logistics.

Don't throw out the baby cause the bath water is dirty. If you believe in the PGR, do something besides leave it alone. Some have the personality and such that is needed and others don't. That doesn't mean you are less than wonderfull if you don't have those traits.

As for the guys the OP had to ride with, I can see his frustration. I have the same feelings very often, and that is why I ride alone exept in the most rare of occasions.

As always YMMV
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