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Originally Posted by mrprez View Post
Take one of your tire tools and open the bead up on the opposite side of the tire next to the stem. This will give you more room to get your hand in there and move the tube into place. Also helps to have the tube partially inflated. By adding some air to the tube helps to prevent pinch flats. Another tip is to use baby powder on the tube. This allows the tube to slide easier against the tire making it easier to get the tube lined up so the stem is straight. Also helps to prevent friction between the tire and the tube.
Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking I was going to wake up to 20 inmates telling me to
  1. Remove wheel from bike
  2. Put wheel in back of truck
  3. Drive to the ATM/ Bank
  4. Withdraw $20
  5. Drop off wheel and $20 at motorcycle shop
Next time I will try opening up the bead on the other side, thanks. I powdered up the tube and got it in just fine, then decided to stop being weak and jammed my hand up there to fish the valve stem in place. Once the valve was in the hole, used Windex on the bead and the tire went just fine.

Airing up the tube helps it to not pinch and twist on the bead as well. Just like a bicycle.
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