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If anyone's curious on how to wire their KLR with a couple relays for the headlight(s), and is the DIY kind of person, here you go:

-RED goes to your battery- make sure you use at least a 15 amp fuse inbetween the battery and the relay.
-BLACK is your ground.
-YELLOW goes to the factory high beam lead. The low beam lead will not be used.
-GREEN goes to the city lights plug. In America, this lead is just tucked inside of your headlamp fairing, it should be a brown wire with a white stripe. If you wish, you can install a switch inbetween the City Light lead and the relay to turn the headlamp off to conserve power. If you are in a country that uses the City Light, then you will need to splice into the lead- the power consumption is very low (0.1 amps about).
-ORANGE goes to your headlamp for LOW BEAM. When you turn your bike on, this relay will flick on and remain on.
-BLUE goes to your high beam, or your auxiliary lights. These will flick on independently of the low beam, keeping that close in beam spread for cornering while giving you that distance spread of the high beam.


Total cost for me was about $11 in parts. This particular diagram will allow the low beam to remain on when you flick the high beams on. I don't recommend using the stock H4 style bulb with this- both filaments being on at the same time could cause the bulb to burn out, leaving you with no light. Since I use a pair of Rigid Industries Dually LED's for high beams, I don't have issue.

Sofar the bike has been handling the current flow just fine.
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