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Originally Posted by Switchblade315 View Post
After looking at real world pictures of a tiger 2 I understand why the sloped armor doesn't work. the game shows a lot more slope then it truly has. it fools you into thinking it's not flat. and it's really almost is. There are only a few maps where the the tank truly works but oh when it does. Do y'all have the second turret yet? Also it's real power is the big gun. if you cant stop them before they are 150m then it's armor doesn't do much, at that range almost anyone can aim for the soft spots. And it had a lot of them. i know you played the old PZIV treat the Tiger 2 just like the PZIV. I've seen this in the MONTHS i've played the tiger 2 there's two types of people running it. the ones that love it and the ones that hate it. the ones that love it have figured out where to go on maps to hide it's soft spots and how to run it behind the tougher armored tanks. the ones that hate it try to treat it like a heavy tank that can take a beating and put it out in front. This is where people learn to hate it. Any tier 6 can destroy it close range. Heck a tier 5 can given enough time. here's what to look for in games. if you see one with camo on it watch that person play it. i've seen that those of us who really like it spend gold to make it better. the more you can hide it the better it is. i guess think of it like a TD maybe.

Manbo your knowledge of tanks and how to play them is a great thing and I hate that this tank has evaded you. Catch me on the game and I'll see if I can show you a few tricks. if we are in a training room we may need more then just us so we can get the distance fare enough apart for everything to work right.
Thanks man, I'll get there - I probably have like ten games in it, total, and am still upgrading it, so I know it won't be great.

If I understood him correctly, my buddy did have the second turret, and that's where more of the disappointment lies.

But I will hold back with it from now on, and I will hit ya up for a training in the next few nights. Can't right now though, and it would be silly to fully judge the tank until I get the upgraded gun and turret. I guess I was venting more about the surprises of the hull than I should have, lol.
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