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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
Thanks man, I'll get there - I probably have like ten games in it, total, and am still upgrading it, so I know it won't be great.

If I understood him correctly, my buddy did have the second turret, and that's where more of the disappointment lies.

But I will hold back with it from now on, and I will hit ya up for a training in the next few nights. Can't right now though, and it would be silly to fully judge the tank until I get the upgraded gun and turret. I guess I was venting more about the surprises of the hull than I should have, lol.

yeah the hull sucks. the second turret is the first turret for the E-75 so guess how bad it sucked starting off, but the big gun on the tiger 2 is one of the big guns for the E-75. So once you get it maxed out it's a good tank, just has to be used as a sniper some what.
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