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Day 20 - Pervomaiski

Our destination was Pervomayskiy (also called Volodarskiy on some maps).

But before we got there, there was one small, seemingly simple water crossing to deal with:

But it turned out not to be as simple as we hoped.

Terry went in first:

but he didnt come out the other side:

The bottom was super sticky slippery clay mud. It took us 20 minutes to move Terry's bike 2 metres further to the far bank.

Naturally I took a different route through the water crossing that we were sure would be better ... only it was worse. It took us 30 minutes to get my bike across !!

Eventually we rocked up to Pervomayskiy and our hotel. Since we had been camping for the last couple of nights and had some long days since Volgograd, we decided Pervomayskiy would be a rest day for us. I felt guilty as hell walking up the stairs to the hotel reception with sticky stinky mud all over my boots, but was met by the owner, who not only said no problem to us staying two nights, but added he also owned a pressure wash car wash facility in the same building.

Terry and I blasted ourselves and then the bikes clean before going to our rooms. The rest day tomorrow would be not only a day for us to relax and recover, but a day to spend time doing routine checks and maintenance to the bikes. Thats about 3000 times easier if the bikes are clean, than if they are caked in mud.

We ordered shashlik for dinner then dined in the hotels sauna area round the back ... with cold beers.

We had enjoyed 3 days of awesome steppe riding, we were eating tasty meat, drinking cold beer ... life was pertty damn good !
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