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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
Tier 5 M7 MT

The American M7 tank: I always wanted to like this tank, and it does have some lovable qualities... but I still feel that something is off with its balance. My guess is that the gun is too weak.

But I bought it again yesterday for the x5 event since this seems to be the tank that the new American line in the upcoming 8.2 patch will take off from. My initial guess is to work up about 25,000 XP with it to have it close, or ready to go, to research the new tier 6 when it comes out.

I'm a M7 fan as I've stated many time here.
I run it with the 6 pounder(same gun as the premium churchill). It has great pen and rate of fire, but dmg is low so you can't really slug it out with anyone.
Don't worry about the armor, just pretend you don't have any which is pretty close to the truth.
I have the gun laying drive, rammer and vent class on it.
I also run the 100 octane gas.

I've found it works great if you team up with a Churchill. The 2 of them can pound someone to death pretty quickly. The church can provide some cover for the M7 and the M7 can maneuver quickly to protect the Church as needed.
It also makes a decent scout in a pinch.

I snipe and harass quite a bit with it. You can keep most tanks tracked forever of needed by dropping every other shot into the track.

Thanks for the heads up on the possible split. I'll turn off accelerated crew training for a while just in case
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